Just a little inspiration to get one going!

I was really having second thoughts about decorating for the holidays because of all the moving from my old house into a little cottage rental this past month! Just because it was so overwhelming.

Thank goodness for Carol from Red Painted Cottage who asked me a few months ago to be in a Christmas Home Tour and I said yes. Once I say yes I am committed.

At the time my house was not sold, so I never thought it sell so fast, so here I am in my little Christmas Cottage. I probably would have decorated even if I was not on a home tour, my kids would have called me Scrooge. ūüôā


In the midst of all the chaotic moving and organizing. I decided to decorate in a vintage vibe, much different from my last home which was mostly contemporary look. Lots of my vintage pieces were in storage so this was a perfect time revive them.

I calmly went to my storage unit and pulled each of the pieces I thought would work.


This old pie cabinet  which was painted black a few years ago. I Filled it with white books and a beachy Christmas items such as my Star Fish Tree I created last year. Tutorial here!


In the living room, I placed an oriental screen from the 1920s.  Its stunning screen which I never really found a place for it until now.

I am thinking of using it as a headboard in my future home.


See that red cabinet, it says Christmas all over it! I got that idea a few years ago and painted it red, it is probably the best paint job of any of my projects.

It’s all hand painted and took me weeks. Never again by hand now that there are paint sprayers out there.



In this cottage the living room is the where all the activity for the holidays will take place. Unpacking of gifts and entertaining will take place there. It bright and airy with a touch of warmth.

We will be cramp for a few hours but nothing is better than being close with family you love.


Merry Christmas

I would like to thank all the lovely ladies for making this happen and if it was not for you guys I probably not be very motivated to decorate. Please stop by and visit these lovely home tours.


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