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7 Simple Ideas For A Bright And Cozy Front Porch

Are you stressed when it comes to decorating your front porch for the fall? It doesn’t have to be. Here are 7 simple ideas for a bright and cozy front porch.

Front porch: 7 simple ideas for a bright and cozy front porch.

I love decorating for the seasons.

We all know that it can get expensive decorating for every season, so to keep it budget-friendly, I love to pull elements from my backyard: pine-cones, branches, flowers that can be dried, and whatever else I find in the attic. I try spending as little as possible. To keep things simple and stress-free I gather all my bright and simple decor accents such as bright and light pillows, white pumpkins and natural elements.

fall bench: 7 simple ideas for a bright and cozy front porch.


Adding large pine cones on top of the soil in the planters giving a very rustic look!


fall front door: 7 simple ideas for a bright and cozy front porch.

Wreath Making

A few years ago I made a wreath filled with small pine cones. The wreath has aged well. I thought I created a post on this, but I can’t seem to find it. So here is quick tutorial.


  • Large foam wreath
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Lots of pine cones
  • Glue gun

Cut the pine-cones in half and glue the flat side of the pine-cone onto the wreath until the wreath is completely covered. Add a pretty burlap bow at the end. It’s that simple!



I am in love with my welcome sign from Heritage Gallery, Marian Zimmerman, who is the artist, hand paints every sign for every season.








Drying flowers are such a sweet way to keep flowers forever. A few weeks ago, we had a family party and my daughter ordered a ton of baby’s breath for her gender reveal party (she’s expecting a baby Boy!) So after the party, I decided to add them to a huge basket to create a grand bouquet. I love the way it turned out (below).

 7 simple ideas for a bright and cozy front porch.


I like to thank Tara from Lehman Lane for graciously organizing this beautiful fall outdoor hop. Please stop by and visit these other talented ladies’ outdoor spaces.

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  1. Simply Beautiful! Love the addition of the pinecones in the plant!

    1. Thanks Kristen, I wanted to to let you know I tried 3 x to leave you comments and could not. Let me know if you are having issues.

  2. Just a beautiful fall porch Maria! I love your new pine cone wreath, perfect for Fall!!! Thanks so much for sharing your fall porch! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Tara, thanks for doing such a great job, you are so organized with everything you do with your blog and family.

  3. Looks beautiful! Love all of the pinecones everywhere!

  4. I love how your front porch looks, Maria! You did a great job transitioning summer into fall.I love the bench area and your pinecone wreath is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  5. The bench with the stools are perfect! and that little pile of pumpkins is classic. Great porch!

  6. I remember your porch from the Curb Appeal Challenge and just love seeing it change seasons. It might even be more beautiful in the fall!

    1. Kim, Hey come over and we can have lunch on my front porch, :)) Have a great weekend.

  7. You have such a gorgeous porch!! I love all of the white – the bench, the garden stools, the pumpkins! What a pretty space!

  8. So beautiful! I love how all of the fall decor is light and simple, such a great contrast with your beautiful dark wood front doors.

  9. Your porch is so beautiful! I love the baskets of pumpkins and the pinecones in the planters. Great idea!

    1. I know its tropical fall here in Coastal Carolina,Its different, but I do miss the snow.

  10. Maria, this is such a lovely outdoor space. The neutrals serve to let the little pops of color here and there, shine and let us know that fall is on the way. I am really in love with that pillow. It is like a burst of fresh air and happiness all rolled into one.

    1. Mary, thanks for the kind comment! hope you had a great day in Greece,How is the weather now.

  11. Your porch looks beautiful! I really love the piles of mini pumpkins you added to your benches 🙂

  12. Love the pine cone elements in your home, and that wreath is so pretty. Pinned!

  13. Beautiful porch Maria, it looks so relaxing and i love how you added pops of color to the neutrals. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas at the Sweet Inspiration party

  14. Maria, What a beautiful space. I’m totally smitten over your front door!

    1. Thanks Sara, I love the fact I can use different colors with decorating the door.

  15. Hi Maria, just wanted to let you know that I’ve chosen your gorgeous porch as my feature for the Sweet Inspiration party. Thank you once again for sharing it with us.

    1. Michelle you made my night and its a windy one, we are getting the hurricane here in South Carolina.

  16. Your fall porch is gorgeous Maria! I live in warmer weather as well and we get to enjoy the outdoors a bit longer. This is all so so pretty, I really love that basket with the dried flowers in it!

    1. Thanks my friend for featuring my porch, made my sad day a happy one, I’m effected by the hurricane.

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