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3 Easy Steps Using Wallpaper As Drawer Liners

Create beautiful drawers by using wallpaper. Here is 3 Easy Steps using wallpaper as drawer liners. This will give you an easy and sustainable way to make them look amazing.

3 Easy Steps Using Wallpaper As Drawer Liners

3 Easy Steps Using Wallpaper As Drawer Liners

My goal when I moved into my new home was to declutter everything that I didn’t need and whatever was left I wanted to have a pretty organized drawer for those items. So after some research, I was surprised at how expensive pretty drawer liners were. I calculated it would cost $600 to 800 for all my drawers

It dawned on me that the wallpaper that I was using for gift wrapping would probably be great for lining my drawers. I know many people won’t see the inside of my drawer. It’s something that I wanted to do for myself.

Graham and Brown have gorgeous wallpaper and each roll has three times what a liner would have. It is pretty affordable.

Cutting wallpaper:3 Easy Steps Using Wallpaper As Drawer Liners


How To Use The Wallpaper As Drawer Liners:

Step 1: Measure

Measuring is not my favorite thing to do. I have someone on my life that really is good at it and he said he would help me with this project. We measured the drawers to get the dimensions we needed for cutting the wallpaper.

Step 2: Level

After measuring the wallpaper dimensions. Take the level and put it on the wallpaper where you are going to cut. This will guarantee a perfect measure.

Step 3: Adhesive

Take the sheet of wallpaper and turn it over on the reverse side. Add 4 strips of adhesives.

3 Easy Steps Using Wallpaper As Drawer Liners your drawers with wallpaper:

The Graham & Brown App

Often the hardest part of choosing a wallpaper is visualizing what it will look like in your own home.  Graham & Brown App lets you visualize your walls with your wallpaper choices in seconds using augmented reality.

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It was really a good idea to line all the drawers, it has made organizing so much easier. I have moved into my home and it is such a relief to be here. It was pretty crazy moving during the holidays trying to shop and pack all the same time.

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Thank you Graham & Brown for collaborating with me on this post.


  1. I love drawer liners, and this is a great tutorial, Maria. So happy that you are finally in your new home! I bet you are just loving it! Woot! Pinned!

  2. I love wallpaper for drawer liners–most recently used one on a drawer to be hung on the wall as rooms for Barbie! If using prepasted stuff, just be on the lookout for the bugs that like starch; I’ve never had any problem, but you never know! I have used wallpaper for gift wrap, dollhouse wallpaper, and book covers, too.

  3. Lyssa Orelli says:

    Hi, love the tutorial. I have been looking for a knife board like you have in the utensil drawer. I would love it if you would share where you got it. Thank you. PS I started refinishing my cabinets in my kitchen this morning so this is perfect timing.


  4. How does the level help making a straight line?

  5. I flip furniture and I’ve always used nice wallpaper to line the drawers; it’s usually a selling feature =)
    I never thought to use strips though… great idea!!! Thanx Maria! ??

  6. I installed (actually, glued) vinyl wallpaper in all the drawers and shelves in my kitchen when we moved to another house 22 years ago. This has served me well and still looks beautiful!!

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