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12 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Holiday Card

Choosing holiday cards involves several steps. Here are 12 holiday card tips to choosing the perfect cards. This will guide your choice of design and message.

Holiday Card TIps: The perfect Guide

When I was a child I loved shopping with my mom picking out holiday cards. My favorite was the glittery snow man with a beautiful water color landscape.

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12 Holiday Cards Tips

1. Purpose:

Determine the purpose of the cards – whether it’s for family, friends, or business clients.

2. Design:

For example picking Christmas card design that reflects the holiday spirit. Consider themes like traditional, modern, humorous, or religious.

3. Personalization:

Some people prefer personalized cards with family photos, while others like their pets photos . Decide which style suits you.

pet photo in holiday card tips

4. Message:

The most important holiday card tip. Is the message you want to convey. It could be a heartfelt note, a simple “Happy Holidays,” or something specific such as a Christmas card birth announcement

family photo in holiday card tips

5. Quantity:

Determine the number of cards you’ll need, as this will affect your budget and the type of cards you can choose.

6. Quality:

Consider the quality of the cardstock and printing. High-quality cards can leave a better impression.

photo in holiday card for holiday card tips

7. Envelopes:

Ensure the envelopes match the style and size of your cards. You may also want to address them neatly.

8. Timing:

Plan ahead and order your cards well in advance to ensure they arrive on time, especially if you’re sending them via mail.

9. Budget:

Set a budget for your holiday cards, including postage costs, and stick to it.

10. Check reviews:

If purchasing cards online, read reviews to ensure you’re getting a good product from a reputable seller.

11. Addressing:

Decide how you’ll address the cards – handwritten or printed labels – and allocate time for this task. This holiday card tip can either make your cards look personal or professional. Either way is good.

12. Mailing:

Organize the mailing process, including stamps, return address labels, and any additional items like photos or newsletters. Remember, the most important aspect is the thought and effort you put into sending warm wishes during the holiday season.

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