10 Rustic Beach Decor Ideas Inspired by Dreamy Beach Home


Pastel color beach homes

Last week I spent 5 days in Santa Rosa, Florida at a tiny community called Watercolor. The homes were absolutely stunning, one prettier than the other. What made it  special was each home exterior was painted a water-color shade. My Beach rental was painted a lilac color.  So if you love coastal living decor then read on to my 10 rustic beach decor ideas inspired by dreamy beach home.


10 Rustic Beach Decor Ideas Inspired by Dreamy Beach Home

Large front porches

For a few months prior to my vacation I was searching for the perfect beach home which was not going to be to far to drive. I wanted beautiful beaches and clear water. A friend told me about Santa Rosa and said that the beaches were similar to the Caribbean. The drive was only 6 1/2 hours.

Through VRBO I found the perfect beach home for my family. It had a large front porch filled with beach style furniture such as rattan rocking chairs and a lovely rattan table with a large basket on the center of the table filled with beach shells from the local beaches.


Natured inspired accessories

This vacation home was designed for large families. It had a big entrance and the decor was to swoon over. There was a large shelf for beach hats and bags. A beautiful reclaimed cabinet piece. I was right at home with the painted driftwood pieces in white, the pine-cones placed in a wire basket and oyster shell decor pieces placed in all the right places.


Lots of natural elements and beach style furniture

The  white beaded chandelier in the foyer and the rustic furniture made the entrance so impressive. It was the highlight of the space.

Warm tones of color!

To keep the chic look throughout the home! The dining room was designed with a large round black table. The table was the right size for a large family, it sat 6 to 7 people comfortably. White slipcovered dining chairs matched beautifully with the beautiful beaded chandelier. Check out the miniature cowhide on the table.



Lots of shiplap walls and reclaimed wood is a perfect to create a rustic beach decor.


Beach inspired bedrooms

There were 5 bedrooms all beautifully decorated. My favorite was the bedroom with the twin beds. The white twin head-boards were darling and the aqua colors for the bedding with the white sheets just screamed beach! I love the coral reef lamp!



Add pillows that have ocean theme element on them such as a star fish.


Unique Art work

There were some unusual artwork on the walls. The pear with a black background was pretty interesting since many of the rooms had black, white and  touches of color. I wasn’t sure if I was liking the pear but the more I spent in this home I can understand why the decorator picked that piece.


Lots of storage space.

The best part of this beach home was the kitchen. I love cooking and a big kitchen was what sold me on renting this. Not only did it have a big kitchen it had an outdoor kitchen and fire pit as well. Its tough going out to dinner with 6 adults and 2 babies. So I stocked up and everyone helped prepare something. The best part of this kitchen were the large built in cabinet glass hutch. Everything I needed was there. It was wonderful having everyone gather around the table and eat.


Next time you want to visit the beach check out Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. September was a perfect month to go the traffic was light and the beaches were not packed. If you are interested in this home for your next beach getaway check out VRBO


  • Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

    Beautiful home! I love the exterior color and the two-story porches. I love the pear painting – something about that dark background caught my eye. I chuckled at your comment about it and how it grew on you! I’ve never heard of the of community “Watercolor” but it sounds like a charming place to visit!

    • Maria Brittis

      Thanks! If you ever get a chance go there! Its just amazing place with no high rises and September is a great month to go hardly any traffic on the RT 10! It is Hurricane season, but they will let you use another week in case a hurricane hit like its happening this week.

  • Julie Briones

    Wow… this is gorgeous! Great inspiration… thanks for sharing, Maria!

  • Kim | Serving Up Southern

    Oh, I love the two-story porches and the exposed rafters! My eyes especially love the bedroom with all those blue hues playing against the white. Thanks for sharing, Maria!

  • Mary

    Everything is so pretty and most of all relaxing. You come in here and just want to sit down and put your feet up. Beautifully done Maria!

    • Maria Brittis

      Thanks Mary! You know they are getting hit by Hurricane Micheal. I was lucky I did not go there this weekend.

  • Janet

    What a gorgeous beach home and I love the simple decor! Hope that it doesn’t have damage from Hurricane Michael.

    • Maria Brittis

      Me too! I keep looking to see if any damage! Mexico Beach is further south around 45 minute and they got surge that reached up to the beach homes roofs. I am sure that there was damage in the area I stayed. Maria

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