swinging in palmetto bluff

Wheeee! I love swings. There is one under this beautiful oak tree at my community park. I love taking the dogs there for to play. While I  was swinging ! I came up with the idea of a Garden Planter Swing DIY.

  garden planter swing

 The project consists of  a wood planter, rope, paint, nails,  flowers and a tree (if you don’t have a tree 🙂 you can use your porch ceiling)

PicMonkey Collage

 Okay, here’s the way you make this garden swing.

  • Spray paint the planter white.
  • To cut the rope  measure the height  of your tree branch or porch from top to bottom.
  • Take the rope and wrap it around the side of the planter and hammer small nails into the rope to keep the rope from sliding.
  • Tie the rope ends to the branch. If you are using a porch purchase 2 medium hooks and drill two small holes into the wood and twist the hooks into them. Tie the rope to the hooks.

painted garden planter swing

Add the flowers pots into a plastic holder and insert into the planter.

 garden swing planter

I  love my doggies so much that I want them around all the time. We’ll my little love Luigi the Chihuahua. He is always present when I do my projects. Here he is taking a siesta in the swing 🙂 so so cute huh!

luigi on a swing

“Walk with Nature”