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I have an obsession with botanicals! For the One Room Challenge I designed my laundry room around an botanical-inspired look. So I thought it be fun to show  how I created these fun pillows. Paint A Pillow was one of the sponsors. They have these amazing kits that have everything you need to create a stenciled pillow. This past spring, I used the kits for a pillow for my outside porch bench. The beauty of these kits is that they can be used over and over again. For the Challenge, I needed different styles of leaves to make it more interesting. I used one herb leaf and a tropical leaf stencil from the March Challenge. So I have two different stencils for two different looks. On the settee below, I laid out the two pillow covers, which I created from leftover canvas fabric, to give you an idea how unique the leaves are.


How to Create the Stencil Pillow!




All you need is a Paint A Pillow Kit! It includes the paint, brush, roller, tray, fabric, pillow stuffing, and stencil.

  1. Shake the paint and pour onto the tray. Take the mini roller and roll-over the paint. Press the roller down on tray to make sure the paint is fully absorbed.
  2. Start stenciling by rolling over the stencil in a light motion. If stencil looks blotchy, roll more.
  3. For edges that need more paint, use a stencil brush to dab on the edges.
  4. Bend the metal tabs up on the frame and remove the stencil. The pillow cover now needs to dry.
  5. When pillow cover is dried you can remove it and add the stuffing. Attach more fabric or pillow cover to make another stencil pillow.
  6. At the end you can heat-set your pillow using wax paper and an iron. Place the wax paper over the stenciled area. Briefly iron over the wax paper, this will set the paint and you can wash the pillow cover.