Unique Containers Gardening Ideas



I found these rusty old dairy containers at antique barn in Charleston, South Carolina. These will make unique containers gardening ideas. I love how they have aged. The shabbiness is very charming. As much as I love painting, there is no need to paint them because they are beautiful the way they are. Once I saw themĀ  I knew they would make unusual garden planters.

You don’t have to be an expert gardener to use these containers. I am not the best gardener, but I try to keep it simple. So this project is really easy all you need is potting soil, some plants and you are ready to go. Container gardening like this is so much fun. The possibilities are endless on what you can plant for all the seasons.



For flower-pot ideas theseĀ containers are tall so I filled the bottom with rocks and the rest with potting soil so the flowers could grow and hang from the edge of the container. These purple petunias are gorgeous! I love petunias because they come in all different colors and make great flower-pot ideas. These annuals will last until after summer. After that I can plant another annual that is perfect for colder weather.



Another outdoor planter ideas that I am thinking of doing for the fall is adding lots of ivy then add flowers over that. Eventually the plant will gracefully creep spilling over the sides. I did not add the ivy this time around because the weather is getting warmer and the ivy will not do well in this climate, but it will do great for the fall.



This unique container is another farmhouse style pail. I wonder what they used this for on a farm. Maybe eggs?


Unique Containers Gardening Ideas


Let me know what you would use these containers for! For more garden planter ideas check out my chair garden

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