Create a Simple and Naturally Festive Holiday Table Setting

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This time of year it gives me great joy to create a simple and naturally festive holiday table setting for my guests. It’s also one of my favorite time of year for taking long walks. I normally bring my dog with me so he can experience the fun of searching for natural elements from the outdoors to bring back home to decorate my table. We find pinecones, pretty leaves with berries and acorns. I added the pinecones and the berries as an accent onto the dishes. I love neutral china for table setting during the holiday season because it shows the natural elements in the best way.



Here are some holiday ideas to create simple and natural table decorations.

  1. If there are pine trees, cut a few pine clippings to place in the center of the table for a great Christmas table setting idea.
  2. If you have acorns or pinecones. Gather them and place on the dishes in a pretty form.
  3. Clippings of holly berries are perfect as well for the table setting.
  4. Little boxwoods are great for the center of the table.
  5. Use pinecones as a place card holder for guests.



I keep my table setting pretty simple so to add some bling, I’ll use my fine sterling silverware and Lenox china to give a little wow factor.


Keep it simple for a more relaxed vibe.

I try to make people feel at home when they are invited for dinner. Even though I use my fine china and linen. I also want my guests to feel comfortable. The natural elements do give out a natural vibe and I have been told a zen-like atmosphere. I know if there is to many things on a table its sort of nerve-wracking.


Holidays can be fun and hectic. How you like decorating your table for the holidays?