DIY Scandinavian Style Metal Holiday Tree Accents



There is nothing so simple and pretty than a Scandinavian style holiday decor, especially during the winter months. I started fantasizing chic Norwegian cottages set in a winter snow wonderland. I can imagine how beautiful Norway is during the Winter season.

Every year I create something scandi inspired. Last year I created a hanging branch holiday tree. For this year project, my idea was a Scandinavian style metal holiday tree accent.  I am building a new home and lots of recycle material laying around the property.


    • Metal or tin sheets
    • Metal cutter
    • Hammer
    • Wooden Cubes
    • Beads
    • Paint
    • Glue


Step 1: Cutting the Tree

With a pencil, I drew out the shape of a tree. I used a metal cutter to carefully cut the shape out of the tin.  The metal can be sharp, so make sure you use gloves.


Step 2: Bang the edges

The edges are sharp, so to prevent any cuts when handling the tree, take the metal tree and place on a piece of wood.  Bang the edges with a hammer. This will dull the edges. It makes a huge difference.


Step 3: Paint the cubes

I  found these wood cubes at Amazon. I  painted the wooden cubes a shade of green which is perfect for the holidays. DecorArt has some fun colors. I used Vintage Effect wash (Patina)  Let dry for 15 minutes before applying glue.


Step 4: Glueing the tree to the wood cube.

I glued two medium size pearls with heavy duty glue stick. Anything kind of bead can be used. I also glued the bottom middle of the metal tree. I placed the tree in between the two pearls. The tree stayed pretty firm.


I hope you have enjoyed these cute Scandi holiday tree accents.