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How To Stencil A Coral On Canvas Perfect For Beach Decor

I found some beautiful coral pieces from one of my favorite store Pottery Barn, but the price tag brought me to an abrupt halt. So, I decided to take a stab at creating them myself. I experimented with a few different medium options, but I ultimately decided to go with stenciling. Check out how to easily stencil a coral on canvas perfect for beach decor.

How To Easily Stencil A Coral On Canvas Perfect For Beach Decor

I love snorkeling every chance I get when I go to the Caribbean. One of the most stunning views while snorkeling is the coral reef. The amazing colors and life are truly natures underwater treasures.

When I was decorating my guest bedroom for the One Room Challenge, one of the steps in the process was figuring out artwork for the walls. I choose a blue paint that matched the fabric well. When searching for the stencil online. There were not many available. Cutting Edge Stencil had the one I loved. I contacted them and they were gracious enough to donate the stencil for my One Room Challenge.


stencil on canvas on How To Easily Stencil A Coral On Canvas Perfect For Beach Decor

Get everything ready and place it all on a good table that allows for plenty of elbow room!


  • Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil
  • FolkArt Paint (Cayman Blue)
  • Canvas
  • White frame
  • Stencil brush
  • Small dish

DIY - Blue Coral Stencil Wall Art coral stencil supplies

Step 1: Tape all sides of the stencil onto the canvas. Make sure the stencil is laid out the way you want it on the canvas. It can be angled and centered.

DIY - Blue Coral Stencil Wall Art canvas

Step 2: Start dipping the stencil brush into the paint very gently, making sure you don’t add too much paint. Too much paint can result in bleeding through the stencil.

DIY - Blue Coral Stencil Wall Art

Step 3: Once it is all covered, wait about 3 minutes and carefully take off the stencil.

DIY - Blue Coral Stencil Wall Art

How easy was that?!

Enjoy your beautiful new piece of artwork! Please share yours if you decide to make one!

You can stencil this coral on almost surfaces such as walls, glass, canvas, paper. metal wood and even plastic. To purchase one you can get it here at Cutting Edge Stencil. I had three different versions of the coral stencil. If you like to buy assorted to make three like mine. Check out amazon for more stencil ideas.

For more beachy DIY projects check out, “How to make an Oyster Shell Mirror.”



  1. sherry butcher says:

    Love it, I did some stencil on the wall by my washer & dryer. maybe I’ll get some photos and post them later. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kara Marks says:

    Love this–very pretty!

  3. I never really thought about using a stencil as artwork to frame even when I saw your stencils on your wall in your ORC reveal! I guess I was looking at the big picture, as they say! I might try this. I’m not much of a DIY-er and always wished I could do a stencil on a wall. Doing one if I’m in a chair at a table might be easier. I don’t know. I’m not artistic. Your stencils turned out so nice.

    1. Hi Lucille
      So happy you stopped by, hope you had a great weekend and your week is even better!

  4. michele soyer says:

    this art of stenciling is so lovely.. I used to be able to do it and the one pictured is far superior to ones I have done in the past…thank you for this post…

    1. Michele I am sure your stencil was very nice! Thanks for the lovely comment!

    1. Monica, Thats really sweet to make one for your mom. I love that! Glad you stopped by

  5. Very smart idea! Your coral is the perfect touch for the room and I just love it when someone uses PB for inspiration but does their own spin.

    Happy TOHOT.:)

    1. Stacey
      Thanks for the love! Yes the one price tags on pottery barn is enough inspiration. 🙂

  6. Catherine Shaw says:

    So very pretty — and sea life motifs are among my favorites!

    1. Catherine, beachy decor is my favorite to decorate with, glad you stopped by!

  7. Very cute! I saw the same coral at Pottery Barn and my heart sank when I saw the price! Great idea! karen…

  8. Sally A Peckham says:

    This coral stencil is beautiful! It would go great in my bathroom as I have a sea theme in there. 🙂

    1. Sally, The Stencil was from Cutting Edge Stencils.. They are really nice! I hope you make one.

  9. I love the pretty shade of blue in these stenciled pictures.

  10. It is a very nice blog, the website layout is very cute

    1. Thanks so much, would love to share it, Glad you stopped by love meeting new people

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