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Growing up, we had a cedar closet that we kept clothing which required protection from insects, moths and other wood pests. When I was a little girl, I just thought the smell of the closet was cool but wasn’t aware of all the special protection benefits the closet had as well! So, I decided to make my own cedar closet for my cute pets!

Cedarwood is very lightweight and very flexible to use. It’s a special wood that resists the natural tendency to crack. I love that fact that the structure of cedar prevents moisture rot, plus its great wood to make outdoor furniture with. It has an organic compound called thujaplicins that give off the distinct cedar smell, which I think is a pleasant aroma.


I was really excited to meet CedarSafe at the Haven. The planks are amazing and are easy to use. I have been wanting to create a pet closet, and thought the cedar planks would be a perfect product to use for many reasons, but mostly because of the smell. Pet food and supplies can get real smelly, and the cedar smell makes this space a pleasant and insect free as well.

Things You Need


  • Cedar Planks
  • Stud finder
  • Miter Box
  • Hammer
  • Panel nails
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Jig Saw (I used Ryobi)
  • Flat table (no sides)
  • Clamps

Start Building


  1. Air out the cedar planks for 48 hours in the closet that you are using for the project.
  2. With a stud finder find all the studs and pencil in the location so you can nail the planks into a stud.
  3. Measure the width of all the walls in the closet. Then use a miter box to cut the planks on a flat surface with no sides.



4 & 5. When hammering the nails into the plank just hammer one nail into the plank, so that you can connect the other planks easier. Once all the planks are placed go back and hammer the second nail.

6. Cut smaller planks for the lighting area so measure carefully for a perfect fit.


7.  Go back and hammer the remaining nails. Two nails are enough for each plank so that they can expand.

8.  The last two planks needed to be cut vertical because my miter box can’t cut vertical, so I had to purchase a jigsaw. I clamped the planks on a table. Make sure the table has no sides.

I am super excited to finish my pet closet and for the resale value, the cedar closet can be used for other things besides a pet closet as well.




This is a sponsored post, but all my opinions are my own.


    1. Thanks Cat, It was my first power tool DIY, look forward to more power tool projects, but it can be tricky with safety issues and all.

    2. how much does the cedar boards cost? I wanted to start a project but cannot find a dealer with lower cost prices. thanks

  1. Love the smell of cedar and good to know about the product. We had a cedar closet built for off season clothes years ago but the wood they used was not very pretty. Also years later the smell is gone and it could use an update! Thanks for linking up at TaDa!

    1. Pam Thomas says:

      Debbie, You need to SAND the wood. It will bring back that cedar fragrance! And give a new life to the wood! Need to be careful of the dust, etc, make sure you vacuum all, wear a face mask, etc, but sanding the wood will work to bring that smell back and help deter the bugs, etc.

  2. I love cedar… but I also love the cupboard for your pets! Such a great idea..

  3. My kids also have paws! Love the cedar as the liner for the space, it must smell beautiful!

  4. WOW! this is fantastic I bet it smells so good too. Well done my friend, pinned xox P.S> I think I want one too ( wink)

  5. Whoa!!! Looks amazing! I really want to try that CeaderSafe stuff, I’ve seen it a few other places. I bet it smells amazing in there!

  6. This is awesome and such a good idea! Also, the colors of the wood are so pretty 🙂

  7. Okay, I’m pretty sure your pets are spoiled! Those cedar planked walls are super neat – and I liked your tips about only nailing in once at the starting to make sure everything lines up

    1. lol, they are, but the closet can be used for others uses if I ever sell my home, which could happen some day.

  8. I love the smell of cedar wood too. This is such a beautiful closet. Pinned!

  9. Those are some lucky fur-babies! Gosh, Maria, if you ever sell that house, I’ll be first in line! Better start working on my husband now.. just in case.. 😉

    1. Kim, you are so nice and I have enjoyed being in all these challenges with you.

  10. What a great use to keep the dog food smell at bay. I have had dogs all my life so when we were ready to welcome our rescue babies after our previous dogs passing, I hadn’t realized just how much the smell wafted through the house. Love your idea!

    1. Rachel, Glad to hear you love dogs, its a great closet for my pets stuff. Everytime I go to the closet I love the smell.

    1. Thanks Jenny for stopping by, the cedar closet is keeping everything smelling sweet.

  11. There is something about that smell!! 🙂 Great job and good information. It looks fabulous!

  12. I love the smell of cedar. It reminds me of my mom’s cedar chest when I was a child. I’d love a cedar closet, but I don’t have a closet big enough or with a tight-fitting door. I also like the sign saying My Children Have Paws! Sometimes they do remind one of “little animals.” Little WILD animals!

    1. Thanks Naomi, for stopping by to read my cedar post, Its been a great place for my pets stuff.

  13. Oh, I forgot to say how many plants I have in my home. I really don’t know because I have a lot. Probably about fifty–that’s a rough guess. I have lots of cuttings I am always starting plus a selection of African Violets that I propagate. So, I guess the answer is: a lot!

  14. shannon fowler says:

    this looks amazing! we just moved into a new place, so i am looking for ways to make it look more put together. right now we don’t have any plants inside, but there are a ton in our yard

    1. I hope you create a closet for your new place, if you have any questions on how to do the closet let me know.

  15. I just love the smell of Cedar…I am the only handyman in our house so I would like to ask, can I just do one wall in the closet, or all four walls and ceiling have to be done….I just want a little of the Cedar smell.!!

    1. You can just do one wall if you like! It will give you a nice smell.
      Thanks for visiting.

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