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Creating A Space Of Serenity With Minimal Artwork


If you notice that I try to keep things simple and serene when I decorate. I think that’s why I created my blog name because nature is a natural tranquilizer for me, it’s what makes me calm. So when I had the opportunity to write a post for Minted I knew this would be a fulfilling post since many of the artists for them paint nature-inspired elements such as beaches and landscapes. Emily Magone. Playa One is a beautiful and calming horizon in which she blends the colors of the sky and ocean. It’s a glorious minimalistic water-color.


Creating A Space Of Serenity With Minimal Artwork

My entire guest bedroom is very simple with white walls and touches of indigo colors, so in the bath, I needed some color. I picked  Erin McMAnne’s  Capri Waves. The painting is true to my heart since it’s about Capri Italy. I love Italy and have traveled there many times. Capri is one place that is beautiful with its calm coastal landscape and  Mediterranean seas. The colors in this have deep blue hues that go perfectly in my spa-like bathroom.

Blue Leaves & Pacific

Tennyson Tippy is the artist behind  Blue Leaves.  Just the name alone attracted me to it. Leaves tend to take a blue appearance at dusk, so what could be any more dreamy than this for my bathroom. Let’s talk about my last piece. Lindsey Megahed  Pacific brings a peaceful seascape to the canvas perfect for what I needed.

I hope you enjoyed this post on creating a space of serenity with minimal artwork I have loved searching for these treasures in Minted website. It’s super easy to create a framed art to go with your space. There are so many frames of choice to go with every home style. A little secret as much as I love my artwork and my choices. The natural wood frame would have been another choice that I would have loved. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think and if you have any questions about Minted. I will be happy to chat with you. I spent hours looking for the perfect color scheme.


All opinions are my own, but this is a sponsored post by Minted.

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  1. I love how light and bring your home is. The artwork accents it perfectly!!

  2. Love the colors you picked. Perfect and so calming.

  3. Oh I just love Capri, we went on our Honeymoon. Love this space, too!

    1. Wow what a great place to go on a honeymoon. Thanks so much for visiting.

  4. I always love a simple space, but I am such a maximalist!!! However, I do try to keep the clutter and all down in the spaces we used the most because I have kids and I want them to enjoy the space.

    1. Thanks Mary! It took me days to pick those pictures, there were to many choices. 🙂

  5. Your home is just so lovely Maria…such a sanctuary! xo

  6. Your blue and white palette is so lovely and calming.

  7. I absolutely LOVE that watercolour in the last pic. and I could definitely use a bit more serenity and peace in my life right now!

    1. Christy, Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you like the peacefulness of this space. I truly feel that its important to have peace everyday as part of your life. Life is not perfect but if you can find a place even if its only an hour a day, I think it makes the the biggest different in ones life. Hugs Maria

  8. The colors and simplicity of decor really make the room calm. Nice space to relax! Thanks for sharing it on Funtastic Friday!

  9. Very pretty and calming colour scheme.

    Thanks for linking up at #bloggerspotlight

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