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Create Tuscany At Your Table With These 6 Ideas

I love Tuscany, Italy. Bring some of that charm by creating Tuscany at your table with these 6 ideas.

Tuscany At Your Table

One of my favorite places int he works is Tuscany, Italy. I have been there many time and always wanting me when I leave. So to keep the heart of Tuscany close to me I brought Tuscany to my table. The lifestyle in Tuscany is all about family and gathering. There is a always a large dining room table and everything is comfortable and relaxing. If you want to set a table that looks like one in Tuscany here are 5 ideas to add a little your tablescape.

How To Get This Look

1: Rustic Table

Start off with a large rustic table and comfy chairs. The table should be large enough to feed a large family and friends.

Tuscany at your table

2: Colorful linen

I love visiting the quaint Italian villages filled with cobblestone streets and lovely homes. The homes are filled with rustic style furniture. There is always a splash of color in glasses and colorful napkins. So when picking napkins make sure the designs are either flowers such as sunflowers or colorful fruits like lemons or strawberry.

3: Lots of sparkling water

There is always a bottle of water on the table whether it be sparking or tap.

4:. Fresh Flowers

In spring, in Tuscany, you’ll find local flowers red poppies, purple wisteria, and shades of roses on the dining room tables. So adding fresh flowers is such a great way to create a Tuscan table.

5: Food

Food in Tuscany, are traditionally hearty and made with simple ingredients. There is always bread, roasted meats, and local vegetables as daily meals. .

Tuscany food:Tuscany at your table

6: Wine

Wine is a integral part of the Tuscany region. There are lots of Vineyards. The last time we visited we ordered a case of red wine and they shipped it to my house. As for quality of wine Tuscany wine is the best around. No table is complete without a bottle of red wine. Here is some info about Tuscan wine

Tuscany wine:Tuscany at your table

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  1. I really love the yellow pop of color with the lemons. It works well with the neutral flower arrangements.

    1. I love lemons! I have them around! I want to get a real lemon tree to put in Foyer, but I’m afraid it may not survive if its not outside, need to research that!

  2. Oh it’s beautiful. I love the flowers and the pop of color from the napkins.

    1. There are so many variations you can do with a table setting, glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Simple, natural, beautiful! Thanks for linking up at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!


  4. Maria,

    Your house is so beautiful! Every time I see it, I think I get a little more jealous! Your table look amazing and so welcoming and Tara is right those goblets are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Cat! Its been crazy getting everything finished, thanks for the lovely comments, its been fun partying with you!

  5. Oh the goblets do look good, and are so European! Perfect to bring back memories of your wonderful Italian trip. Thanks Maria!

  6. Nothing is so inviting as a beautifully set table — so simple and elegant. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Simply stunning Maria. I don’t blame you for day dreaming of Italy. Your kitchen is amazing.

  8. What a gorgeous tablescape. It looks beautifully Italian!

    Best wishes from Down Under,
    Natasha in Oz

  9. Gorgeous table setting and very Italian, indeed. Love your kitchen too.


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