5 Ideas to Create a Unique Bathroom For Your Home

Create something swoon-worthy when it comes to designing your bathroom. Here are 5 ideas to create a unique bathroom for your home.

5 Ideas to Create a Unique Bathroom For Your Home

When it comes to great bathroom design, there are countless bathrooms to get inspired by. Whether you are thinking of redoing your powder room or master bath. The bathroom goals are color,  style, and finishes. The latest design in today’s market is fresh and revolutionary. For example, in my opinion, a bathroom should reflect a space to unwind and relax. Once you clear clutter and replace it with simple, classic design vanities that are minimalistic you can always decorate it later. Less is more.

1. Bathtubs

Make your bathtub the center of attention. Freestanding bathtub if you have the room is the way to go for a truly unique style. In both my homes I choose Vicotria Albert Bathtubs. They are affordable and quality products.

2. Vanities

Pick a vanity that is simple and can be used forever. I choose a pottery barn style white vanity with open storage space on the bottom. The beauty of going simple you can decorate around by adding colorful accents.

3. Lighting

I wanted something unique in lighting fixtures. I found these hanging lights in Pottery Barn. Hanging them in front of the mirror gave me the unique look I wanted. In my other home, I added a chandelier to create drama.

4. Finishes
I like mixing up finishes like polished nickel and gold or brass finishes. It creates a unique look and you can decorate in many ways when you do this. For example for my current bathroom, I have nickel faucets and gold finish sconces.
5. Bathroom accessories.
Spend as much time as you can looking for a unique mirror or toilet paper holder. It will add the wow factor. The mirror in the above picture was hard to find, I had seen it in a bathroom at a resort I was staying in. Found it at Wayfair.
 I hope you enjoyed my bathroom ideas and always strive for something different to set you apart!:)
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  1. Looks great! Love how you try different ideas until you find YOUR look!

    1. Paris and Venice is a place that I would love to visit! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow I love how pretty your bathroom looks and I like the Paris print!

    1. Love that you took the time to visit the Paris and Venice Post! It means the world to me bella!

  3. Maria your bathroom is absolutely beautiful!!! I love all the design choices you made from the marble double vanity to the wood floors. Those watercolor prints are really pretty too:). Tara

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