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My Bedroom Refresh

Week three is here and, wow, there is not enough hours in a day! If you have been following along, then you know I’ve been busy working away and creating ideas for this refresh of my son’s bedroom, which will also be a guest room for friends and family. In previous challenges, there’s a common trend where I am pretty much scrambling around week three and four.




I have been waiting around for some supplies that I ordered the last week to make the indigo pillows and they have not arrived. What else is new?! I also had a few disappointing moments in this challenge where the fabric I wanted was out of stock. Now the tables I saw online are on back order. Back to drawing board I go!



It’s Down to the Wire.

With less than two weeks to complete this challenge, I am hoping that everything falls into place this week. Below is a summary of what has been done. The hard part is deciding what to do with what’s left?

  • I have tie dyed a sheet with turquoise. (will be posting on the DIY process later.) ($4.50)
  • Added round braided rug at foot of bed. ($0)
  • 2 small white slip covered chairs placed in sitting area. ($0)
  • 2 pillow forms for another dying project for bed. ($4.00)
  • Indigo Dye. ($12.00)
  • 2 watercolor pictures to be added in sitting area.(0)

Total spent so far is $20.50! I still have about $79.50 to get an end table and whatever else is needed for last minute touches. If this is your first time checking out my blog here is week 1/ week 2. Please stop by the link party below and go visit the other gals amazing room re-dos. Thanks for coming and enjoy the rest of your day! Special thanks to Erin from Lemon, lavender and Laundry for a great job in organizing such a fun challenge.




    1. I am so ready to get this finished. The indigo dye still has not been shipped so I may have to run out to Micheals and get some.

    1. I am pretty concerned still have no indigo dye and its past the shipping date.Thanks for stopping by.

    1. I think I got that table last year on sale at Pottery Barn Clearance. Thank so much for the nice comment.

  1. I’m a “down to the wire” person too. It’s always tough having to wait to orders to arrive and dealing with backorders. Hopefully things arrive. I’m sure this room is going to be gorgeous!

    1. It all has come in and the big reveal will be tomorrow.Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Always frustrating when your ideas are on hold because you can’t get something in time…bummer. Love that braided rug though! So pretty!

    1. Thanks, the dye came in and the pillows are done, will post the reveal tonight. Thanks for visiting.

  3. It’s so light and bright thus far. Love the textures and pops of color that you have planned. Crossing fingers you got the indigo dye!

  4. I love everything about this room. Those shutters on the windows are amazing. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing it at the Family Joy Link Party this week!

  5. These challenges look like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see what your room looks like at the end. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  6. Great idea to set a doable budget per room. Gives you that motivation to redecorate, get creative and find some deals! Love that turquoise dresser! Thanks for linking up with Funtstic Friday!

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