When it comes to recreating a space such as a bedroom or any room, it’s important to add elements that reflect you. At times I find myself going nuts creating a space that looks perfect in every way. I am finding that adding my own personal style and not trying so hard to match colors seems to create a happier me. Its also  a fun atmosphere for family and friends.

Here I added a fun pillow that makes the bed pop. As pretty as it is all in white with touches of flowers, the pillow is adding some fun factor to the room.




Here are a few things to keep in mind when adding your own style to your bedroom.

  • What colors do you like?
  • Whats your lifestyle?
  • What textures you love?

I am a simple person and I like neutral colors. I love my junk that I find when I go shopping such as an old suitcase or a funky pillow such as the one in this post. I love entertaining and having guests overnight so the personalized elements creates a fun space for everyone. Traveling has been a big part of my life so its nice to be able to display a little something from each travel trip. Maybe a ceramic tile from Italy where you can lay a soap on it, what ever it is, be creative and you.






What is your personal style… whether you are into collecting bottles or love whimsical art, what puts a smile on your face when you are decorating? Love to hear about them. Love my DOORS! see how it’s done here.

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  1. All great and thoughtful ideas that are really helpful. Sometimes you just need to focus, and your tips a great for helping with knowing your style and then translating that knowledge into a beautiful space. 🙂

    1. Yes its nice to venture off and try different ideas that are slightly different. thanks

  2. EverythingI see here is just lovely. I wonder where your bedding came from, I love it.

    1. Oh I hope you get that room done! its a really a nice way unite family and friends.

  3. Such a romantic-looking bedroom! I love the antique doors used as mounting places for the sconces. And the plates are prefect against the white background. The total effect is quite lovely,

    1. Florence, Those doors I found at a Thrift store for $35 for the pair!I painted them and added the lights.

  4. What a beautiful bedroom. Sweet dreams!! : )

  5. The doors on each side of the bed with the sconces are just gorgeous Maria. The blue is so calming and light. Love this room.Pinning

  6. I am in love with how crisp and bright your bedroom is! These are such good tips for making your house a home, and your rooms personal!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Happy that you liked the post about personal accents. Maria

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