Fun Dinner Ideas to Pamper Your Cat

Last Updated on May 23, 2022 by Maria Brittis

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 Cats have always been a part of life! They make me happy and in return I want to make them happy as well. Here is a rags to riches story! Chloe has been part of the family for a few months now. I found her down the street living in a abandoned building. For a few months I stop by daily and fed her Purina Fancy Feast® and she just loved it. I truly feel that pampering your cat is the key to winning them over. Here is a cute tutorial for a fun dinner ideas to pamper you cat. Create a fun and yummy menu along with a pretty tablescape to keep them happy.


Fun Dinner Ideas to Pamper Your Cat

Step 1:DIY Cat Food Ideas

Create a colorful tablescape by adding lots of edible green plants like fresh cat nip plants or fresh grass. Chloe loved it and was pretty silly afterwards


Step 2: China

No plastic for this cat. Chloe loves eating her fancy feast in a cute ceramic bowl. I added a pretty table napkin, sterling silver spoon and a few candle succulents so Miss Chloe can eat in style.


Step 3: Menu

The menu will consist of seafood. For first course Purina Fancy Feast® the Fancy Feast Broths Tuna Whitefish Shrimp Classic as the appetizer! Its perfect gourmet cat complement. For her second course I had planned Purina Fancy Feast® Classic  Salmon Pate.



Miss Chloe was pretty happy with the dinner menu as you can see nothing is left! Life is good! We are super excited we discovered  Purina Fancy Feast® Broths she loves them and they are perfect for snack time. These are the best broth for cats.


Purina Fancy Feast® is the ultimate dining experience for your cat, catering to her every craving no matter what time it is. From tender filets and savory appetizers. So serve your kitty Purina Fancy Feast® Broth it complements any meal and can be used as a special treat. Remember they are not intended as a meal but only a treat.


Fun Shopping at Petsmart!

We had a so much fun at Petsmart!  We found the Purina Fancy Feast®  Broths Tuna Whitefish Shrimp Classic at the treat isle. Chloe could hardly contain herself. Get savings on your next purchase with this Ibotta offer beginning on 9/5, where you can earn cash back when you buy any two (2) Purely Fancy Feast® Filets, for a limited time.



  1. Great post, Maria!

    I’m a cat lover as well, and loved your cat setup for Miss Chloe! I appreciate the petsmart coupon, and I already love using Purina brand.

  2. Chloe is a beautiful cat and those GREEN eyes are so arresting when you look her full in the face!
    She is a lucky girl that you found her and took her in. Hopefully, you have had her neutered–just in case! Having been on her own to come and go at will I’d wonder if she would run off or not. She’d be silly if she did as it sounds like you’ve given her the best home she could wish for.

    Here’s a little “rescue story” for you. This last Spring my daughter who is a mom to two little boys, 7 and 3, took in two stray mama cats who were pregnant. They birthed between them eight–that’ right EIGHT–kittens–one had six, the other two. The two families each had their own “birthing boxes” and the mamas were fed well. The babies thrived and grew and soon were able to get out of their boxes.
    Things became a little crazy so both mamas and all the babies–who were now active “toddlers”–were confined to a spare room! Calls were put out for adoption but as of yet no one has come forward. My daughter was at my house today and updated me on the doings of the kitties. She took ALL EIGHT of them to her vet to have them neutered last week and has brought them all home again to her house. Can you imagine? I can’t! Well, actually, I can as my dear mother was always rescuing strays who got dropped off at the farm she and my dad lived on. And I remember that at one time she, also, had two mamas in “birthing boxes” who each gave birth to four kittens if I remember correctly. I certainly hope somebody adopts some of those kittens at my daughter’s house! Although I know it will be hard on the little boys as they have come to think of them as “theirs.”

    We’ve always said, jokingly, in our family that this oldest daughter, Lea, created chaos wherever she went. I tease her that this episode with the kittens is just another proof of that! Your story of Chloe makes me think that you have as soft a heart as Lea does. Hopefully not the chaos, though!

    Thanks for sharing your story of adopting Chloe.

    1. Thanks for your wonderful story! I hope they find homes. Chloe is spayed! I had her checked out. Someone spayed her and its strange that she is was on her own when I found her in that building. She is pretty happy at my home, does not seem to want to escape. Maria

  3. I love this so much. I’m one of those crazy pet ladies that wants to find homes for all the strays. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! You are awesome! Its great to hear you like cats many don’t! Have a wonderful week.

  4. Cat lovers unite! We love our cat too. We found her in the mall parking lot when she was about five weeks old. She’s the sweetest thing! I always say that people who think they don’t like cats have just never known a good one. And yes, we feed ours special food because she has seizures. Whatever it takes. 🙂

    1. What a sweet story, I agree people who don’t know cats don’t understand them.

  5. Your cat is very lucky to have you to care for her. I too have had cats at various times in my life and love them so much. Chloe will be much loved and cared for.

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