DIY Wood Lantern Made From Wood Scraps



Last week I saw this amazing DIY wood lantern made from scraps of wood that Lisa who blogs at the Purple Hydrangea created. I am always looking for recycle projects and this one caught my eye. I needed a lantern for the porch and this was a perfect DIY.

I am building a home and I have tons of wood scraps at the construction site. I found everything I needed at the dumpster. There were so many pieces in good condition. Don’t worry I didn’t fall in. There was a little door on the side that I could pull the wood through.


DIY Wood Lantern Made From Wood Scraps


I made some adjustments from Lisa’s tutorial. I’m not good with measurements so I rounded the numbers. I had the wood cut for me at Lowes. I am definitely investing in a miter saw very soon. I felt bad for the lady who had to cut 16 small pieces.

  • M/ 4  2 x 2 boards cut to 12 inches
  •  N / 2  1 x 8 boards cut 8 inches
  • O/ 8  2 x 2 boards cut 5 inches
  • P/ 4  2 x 2 boards cut 2 inch
  • Q/ 1  1 x 2 boards cut 3 inches

Supplies: Liquid nails/ Wood screws/Sander/DecoArt Paint/Crystal knob/Screw Driver

How it’s assembled. (I used letters to match everything)

Step 1: Take all the 2 x 2 boards (M)and place on the edge of one of the 8 inch boards. (N) Glue the edges. Then after it dries I turned it over and drilled 4 wood screw so it gave the lantern more support.

Step 2: I placed the other 8 inch board (N) on the other side of the 2 x 2 boards and I added a liquid nails and drilled 4 more screws.

Step 3: Take the 8  2 x 2 boards (O) which are cut 5 inches each and place them between the 2 x 2 boards which were cut to 12 inches. Place one on the upper and lower section. There will be 8 places to place them.



Step 4: Take the 3 inch 1 by 8 board  (Q) Place the screw in for the knob first. Then glue it down to the top of the 8 inch board.

Step 5:  Take four  2 x 2 boards (P) cut 2 inches and glue to the bottom of the wood board as feet. Place as close to the edge as possible.



Step 6:  Caulk all the edges that show any gaps and sand everything before painting.



Step 5: I choose a pretty Nantucket Grey from the Curb Appeal collection of DecoArt. Paint the lantern with two coats. After everything dries screw in the crystal knob.



I was extremely happy how it turned out. It made a perfect rustic lantern candle holder. I can place the grey wooden lantern either outside or indoors



If you want to learn to make your own wooden lantern and don’t have scraps of wood. You can check HomeDepot they sometimes have scraps of wood for 50% off. To see more projects with wood check my reclaimed wood stencil project which was left over wood from another home that I built.

For more lantern style candle holders.


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