Natural elements and rustic pieces has been something that I always have been attracted to. Even from a young age, I grew up on a farm with two large barns on it. I would explore the barns by climbing the ladders and exploring all the nooks and crannies. I could cringe when I think about all the barn wood there and how wished I had that amazing wood now! Rustic elements are all the rage right now in home decor, and here are ways to create a rustically-inspired space without breaking the bank.

1. Keep the Tone Neutral




I found when decorating my home, I needed to keep it to neutral tones for the walls, cabinets and furniture pieces. It helps bring out the natural beauty and texture of the wood beams. It also gives the space a more relaxed vibe.



2. Wooden Focal Pieces

If wood is your focal point, then adding beams and wood to your ceiling or walls is your golden ticket to creating a rustic space. I don’t like over doing it with wood, so I adding a few beams in designated places in my kitchen, family room, fireplace, and foyer area.



3. Lighting

Lighting is a key factor in creating a warm and rustic feel. Adding recess lighting or hanging chandeliers is a great way to show off the beauty of the wood.





 4. Shopping for Rustic Wood Elements

Shopping for rustic elements is not an easy feat. Especially since it is now a trend in home building and interior decorating, prices have skyrocketed! I have found a company that has a great faux alternatives. Barron Designs offer faux beams and other design products that will  transform your home without costing a fortune. These products are easy to install, lightweight and the best part, it’s sustainable which makes it a green building product. Check out these design from them below.


I hope you enjoyed these ideas to create a rustic vibe in our home. Do you think you would be adding these elements in your home.

This post was sponsored by Barron Designs. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. 




Beautiful, lightweight faux ceiling beams

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  1. The beams really stand out in the decor of your home which is absolutely lovely. The barn board on the kitchen photo also looks like something many of my readers would love! Good to know there is a company to go to purchase the look for those of us who can’t go to salvage yards or have access to some great resources for the real deal.

    1. Debbie, thanks so much for visiting. Yes it is great to have companies that are green and sustainable.

  2. I would love high ceilings and beams…wonderful ideas!

  3. I’m a huge fan of wood beams. They add so much character and warmth to a room.

    Beautiful post.

    1. Yes, I did not know either until they contacted me, but what I like its sustainable! Less trees down.

  4. Your home is really gorgeous Maria…and the beams are just perfect! I’ll have to look into those.

    1. Thank you Janet, thanks for organizing this so we can share our posts!

  5. I adore rustic and warm. It’s all so charming and cozy! Love these!

    1. Rustic is something i feel passionate about, so when I can bring joy to others makes me happy! Thanks for the kind comment.

    2. Carolann, Glad you stopped by to visit, its a pleasure to meet you! I love these threads on FB. Maria

  6. I love the look of beams! Maybe I need to add some to mu living room 🙂

  7. Maria the beams add such rustic beauty and warmth to your home. And because you have decorated in neutrals the wood really stands out and takes center stage. Like a good work of art.

  8. I LOVE those wood beams. They are to die for!

  9. I love your home, and I never would have guessed that you’re beams are faux. They look so real and they really highlight your interior design scheme.

    1. They are actually real beams, I just wanted to show everyone that you can get the same look with FAUX BEAMS. I know in my next room above the garage I think I’m going to add some Faux beams up there.

  10. Great tips and love the wood beams! They do deserve to be a focal point.

  11. I love the look of exposed beams! Also, that bench at the end of your bed is gorgeous.

  12. You’ve done such a beautiful job creating a warm and inviting home!

    1. Ariel, glad you like what I have done! I am changing it up this weekend for Christmas.

  13. I agree, there is nothing prettier than a neutral room with rustic wood elements!

    1. Thanks Roxanne, So easy to change things up when its simple. If I have to much than its so much harder to keep that going.

  14. I love the wooden beams and natural tones. Your home is beautiful!

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