Star Fish Holiday Tree

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I love star fish for the holidays!

 I have an easy way to create a cute holiday tree for dressing up any table. I found these star fish at Micheals. They come in packages of six. Of course nothing is more genuine than finding them on the beach, but it’s not easy to find them like sea shells.When I was in Costa Rica this past summer there were tons of them on the beach, but they were very delicate and I was afraid they break in my luggage. So I just left them alone. Here is my tutorial.


  • 8 star fish
  • 1 small star fish
  • Glue gun

Star Fish Holiday Tree

N0. 1 Start with one star fish

Placed the largest star fish on a flat service. Glue the second one on top of it. Continue until all eight star fish are glued on top of the one before. For the small star you can attached it with a tiny nail or glue it. I like using a tiny nail because it can rotate. To use a nail use a micro spike 3/16 inch long.

No. 2 Let the star fish dry

After the star fish tree drys you can pretty much place it anywhere. I wanted it for my tablescape that I created outside for lunch. I love incorporating coastal crafts into my decor and this little DIY is another treasure to add to my home.

HOW TO CREATE Star Fish Holiday Tree

For more coastal DIY check out my Oyster Shell candle holder…Happy Holidays!

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