6 Ideas To Transform Your Laundry Space Into Enjoyable Space.

6  Ideas To Transform Your Laundry Space Into Enjoyable Space.


It would be to have unlimited monies for a full-scale laundry room re-do. Most of us are on budgets. I found easy, inexpensive ways to make my laundry room space look different without spending a fortune. It’s been a dream of mine to turn my laundry room into an enjoyable and functional place. I wanted it smart yet relaxing. I wanted to make the tasks of washing, ironing, and folding less of a chore and more of a pleasure. The room is designed with everything you need. When I designed the space I made most of every inch. Check out these ideas that will turn your laundry room into something you can enjoy while doing laundry.


1. Have a place to sit while doing laundry.

I added a little sofa that is the main focus of this room, here is where I can relax and read a book while the clothes are drying. Or i can fold the laundry in a relax without having to stand.


2. Above the washer and dryer, I had installed a drying rack. This is perfect for those clothes that cannot be put in a dryer.



3. Shelving

I also added reclaimed wood shelves to hold soaps, towels and some decorative accents to give charm. Open shelving keeps everything accessible. The open shelving was made with plumbing pipes that were installed with screws into the wall. The Reclaimed shelves lay over the pipes.


There is a series of  large cabinet for more storage.  Storage is king in my house.



5. Coat hanger and bench.

My laundry room is large enough where it can be a mudroom and laundry room all in the same breath, It’s near the back door.o We designed a bench and cloth rack so it can accommodate hats, coats, and even extra storage stuff on the bench.

6.Decorative Accents

The final touches to my laundry room space were the decorative accents such as planters, wire basket, metal basket, and colorful rugs are all part of the theme for my laundry room space. I have been working hard stenciling pillows. Check out the stencil pillow here. This pillow will be perfect for the settee. Botanical framed prints will be placed on the shelves to give the whole laundry space a pretty charming.

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  1. I love all the details and the fun touches in here. Those wood shelves are looking really good, and with the couch and pillows I can really picture the space. Can’t wait to see it unfold! I hope you get everything you need to, done, in time for your vaca!

    1. Thanks Ariel, I literally panicking waiting for these botanical prints, I’m thinking of printing them out from a different website. Hopefully they will come back in a few days.

    1. Its very difficult to do the stencil on this fabric, but thats all I had.Hopefully it will look good on the Sofa.

  2. Wow Maria..this space is going to look so amazing and serene! I love all the sneak peeks! Hope you enjoy your short vacation and not fret too much about all that still needs to be done. Going to all come together!

    1. Thanks so much for such a sweet comment! I am looking forward to getting away.

    1. I am a big fan of reclaimed shelves and this was a dream of mine to have them in my laundry room. Thanks Maria

    1. Thanks so much Crystal! I do like the furry rugs, it does give a glamour vibe.

    1. Thanks Meg, Its getting close and I am nervous for the few items I have not received, have a nice weekend.

  3. It looks amazing so far! I love the texture of everything.

  4. That sofa is incredible!!! And SO many pretty accessories! LOVING things so far!

  5. The shelves look amazing!! It’s all coming together 🙂

  6. It looks so calm and serene…very spa like. I love the reclaimed shelves! My vote is definitely for the sisal and furry rug combo 🙂

    1. Thanks for your help on the rug! I think I am going for that, but not sure yet because I added furry pillow and not sure if its to much

  7. So happy to hear that your electrician came through for you! I know it’s so hard waiting for things to arrive when you’re on a deadline. Hopefully those prints show up this week.

    1. Thanks Erin, What a weird situation with this electrician, I’ll have to tell you someday! to long to post!

  8. Maria…was that a sneak peak of your lighting? that last image? Oh, I can’t wait to see it…looks fantastic. And I am all in for the solid sisal…think it just really brings it all together. And somehow I missed the story on that little settee…but it is just lovely.
    Can’t wait to see the big reveal and enjoy the beach!

    hug, Lynn

  9. I hope you had some time to enjoy yourself and not stress for awhile. It’s so frustrating to wait on something when you needed it yesterday. I love the prints you chose and I would still love to see them on your wall. Everything is looking awesome! I love the sisal rug and I’m looking forward to seeing the reveal!

    1. Hello Carol, Love that name of your blog! Looking forward to some leisure time at the Caribbean, heading there now and will be super relaxed no worries.

  10. Everything you’ve done this week is spot on! Can’t wait for next week!

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