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I took this photo last year because I love trees. I wish I could have a big old tree in the middle of my home. I’ve seen it done and its pretty cool!   My friend who walks with me on occasion thinks my ideas are great! But I think  she is just being nice and probably thinks  I’m a bit nutty. When it comes to nature! I am head over heals with the stuff!

 So this is the inspiration that my decor ideas are made of!


The trees below are from Florence Italy trip.

tree in florence


On all my daily walks I am always on the hunt for something different.  I once  fell  in love with this huge piece of bark that fell off a big old oak tree. I thought it be great to paint something like a colorful fish on the bark or something like that.  When I went to pick it up. Low and Behold! there was a nest of bird eggs under the bark.  The mom was above in a tree  and started dashing at my head!   It’s a problem at times when you encounter wildlife.  Never a dull moment.


nest of eggs

I think that my love for nature has made me a happier person,  its a  pure and natural high! .  I don’t know what I will find on my hikes but when I come back to my home and sit back with a glass of  lemonade,  the juices start flowing and I start designing my next decor project.

 I sometimes encounter obstacles along the way…… maybe an unexpected problem at my husband’s office who I help part time or a problem with one of my daughters which require me to stop everything to help them out. But at least I have NATURE to come back too!

Hey if you are having a bad day try a dose of nature!

nature walkway



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