Painted Pine Cones



pastel painted pinecones

I have loved pine cones since I can remember. My mom used to collect them and make these gorgeous  wreaths for the holidays. She had them everywhere in our home.

I have followed the tradition and I too have them everywhere in my home. Lately, I have been searching for different ways to decorate with them. I googled painted pine cones, saw under images different kinds of painted ones.

I’m lucky that I have so many pine trees around my house,  but if pine cones aren’t in your area, go to your local craft store.

The plan is to paint them three different pastels colors pink, green and blue.

painted pinecones 2


What to Do:
1. Use five or six different sizes, not to big so that you can dip them in paint.

2. Buy paint that has the primer mixed in with the paint, it will save you a step, so you don’t have to spray them first with primer.

3. Dip the pine cone into the paint using either a pair of kitchen prongs or tie a very thin flower wire around the pine cone and keep a long piece to pull it out of the paint. Let drip for a few minutes.

4. Once it stops dripping put it into a BIG cup and take a small artist brush and paint the body in areas that have not quite been covered. Keep it in the cup and place in a cool spot to dry. Once it has dried, and if you are using the wire, clip it.   I’m a little messy! but I always get the job done.

I was so excited to see the final product! TIP: Make sure you let the pine cones drip much of the paint, otherwise you can get patches of thick semi dry paint.  I learned that the hard way!


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  • June W

    I like the post, very creative way of decorating using pine cones. I will have to give this a try!

  • Cynthia

    What a great idea. They turned out very pretty!

  • Tori

    This is so CUTE! I was wanting to do some projects with pine-cones with the kids and this gave me so many GREAT ideas 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Maria

      Thanks so much! I’ll be back visiting your site soon!

      Hugs Maria

      • Tori

        Thanks! I have subscribe to your blog 🙂 You have such GREAT idea’s posted!

      • Tori

        Sorry me again. I had subscribe before I posted my message and just realized it will not let me subscribe. A message comes up that says “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled” Please let me know how to subscribe and I will. Thanks!

        • Maria

          Oh thanks so much I will Get my team to fix that I greatly appreciate the feed back! See you soon! :))

          • Tori

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          • Maria

            Thanks so much in letting me know that my subscribe is not working. I just tested it out and its not working. I put in an email earlier to my team thats helps me, but they have not responded! I’m sure it will get solved 24 hours. Will be in touch! Maria

  • Jess

    These are very cute!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

    • Maria

      Thanks for stopping by! your blog is great, its has lots of wonderful stuff!, love the box of goodies….. Thats great item to send to college kids! Thanks Maria

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