I love shutters and Italy. So When I was creating this project I had those two inspiring thoughts in my mind. When you go to Tuscany there are lots of pots and shutters every where. Patios and balconies are always a space for a flower-pot in a Tuscan window. I collect antique shutters and re-do them. Here’s one of my 18th century shutter which  I will  create a Tuscan Shutter Garden.



  1. Shutter
  2. Paint
  3. Wagner studio power sprayer
  4. Clay pots
  5. Flowers
  6. Drill
  7. Mason bit



When painting my old shutters, I sand it lightly to remove any debris.

I did not remove the dark paint because I wanted the edges to show some of the old paint.



STEP 1: Spray Paint The Shutter

Aim the Wagner Studio Pro Sprayer about 6 inches away for even spray. Because the shutter was a green color, I had to spray twice. Afterwards I sanded edges to show some of the aged wood.


Once the shutter is dried. I sprayed the flower pots with one quick coat. Let dry and sand them to give a distress look.


STEP 2: Drill The Holes


Use a Mason bit in the drill. Drill on the top part of pot and hold the drill firmly for about 5 minutes until  hole is formed. Don’t worry it won’t shatter. After the hole is drilled get the S hook and hang pots on shutter.



STEP 3: Fill Pots with Flowers



Fill the pots with garden soil and add the plants.



Will you be making your own shutter garden any time soon? Check out the Wagner Studio Pro Paint Sprayer it’s an amazing high power sprayer with even coverage. If I had painted the shutter by hand it would have taken me  a few days of painting. This was real quick! I took me less than 2 hours with dry time. I could not believe my eyes!


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This is a sponsored post by Wagner Power Sprayer. All opinions are my own.

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