Refresh Your Space with Bold Bright and Global

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Refresh Your Space with Bold Bright and Global


I am getting ready to refresh my home and I just need something extra, maybe like some more color, something bold and possibly global too. Budget and quality are important. So after a bit of searching I found some of this at Wayfair.

Here in my dining space I have a sisal rug, that I love. I really need some color to make this room pop. I plan on putting my home on the market this year, so I need to start planning and what better time than now! (yep crazy me building another home) I think a colorful rug with little  global fair might just achieve this. (Do you think a smaller colorful rug  over the sisal or  a large blue rug?


Small changes, amazing results!

Next! The upstairs I  already added a little help by adding a blue runner called the Ford Blue Area Rug by Wayfair. It’s amazing how a small change can make such a difference.

Crisp white sheets is the key to a lovely bed.

For one of the guest bedrooms I have Catelynn Upholstered Bed  with the nail-head trim is the highlight of the bedroom. To keep the blue theme going on I added a pillow and a throw.  When staging my previous homes crisp white sheets made all the difference for a bed to look refreshed! From there add color and accents!


Through out my home I have small spaces that I would like to change-up with some different accents. I love flowers, lamps and decorative boxes. These fabulous finds from Wayfair are super cute and  affordable!




As a Wayfair Home Maker I get to pick my favorite decor pieces, and write a blurb for the product which will display as a purple badge that says Blogger Choice. Since I am staging my home I have picked items that will brighten and add a statement. Its fun process and since I love there products, it’s a good relationship. Below are my picks. I hope you enjoy them.


Area Rug

Broadview Blue Area Rug
If you want to change-up your bedroom, to give it a global look and add some color, the Broadview Blue Area Rug is sure to achieve this.

Comforter Set

Alannah 10 Piece Comforter Set
Create a custom look from pillows to comforter with this 10 piece comforter set all in a beautiful white tone.

Throw Blanket

Hawthorn Cotton Throw Blanket
All you need to do is add a hint of blue with this Moroccan style throw to finish off a room.

Sheet Set

Wayfair Basics 1800 Series Collection 4 Piece Sheet Set
Nothing like crisp new sheets to sleep like a baby! Wayfair Basics offers quality sheets for a price to put a smile on your face.

Throw Pillow

Brasstown Throw Pillow
Add accents to a simple bed and create a swoon-worthy bed with this pretty throw pillow.

Lamp Set

Pangburn 29.5″ Table Lamp Set
For a modern vibe and an old world style both design elements are featured on this metal scrolled lamp.

Bud Vase

Recycled Glass Bud Vase
Flowers are always the icing on the cake in decorating a room, this bud vase will add a perfect touch to any table.

Decorative Box

Abilene Decorative Box
I love collecting boxes of every form. I am in love with this Abilene decorative box. Would make a beautiful addition to any coffee table.

Woven Bench

Clearwater Woven Bench
Love adding texture to a bedroom? the Clearwater Woven Bench is a blend of bamboo and seagrass. Great for a beach vibe.

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  • Mary

    Maria I cannot believe you are going to sell this gorgeous home. If only I was closer I’d buy it. Your ideas are all spot on. There is nothing more relaxing then blues for the summertime and crisp whites to add a touch of glamour.

    • Maria Brittis

      Yeah! Looks like I may, I actually like the process of building as crazy as that sounds, but not sure yet depending on lots and and other factors. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Carol ("Mimi")

    Your home already looks beautiful. But, it’s always nice to refresh things from time to time. I like the muted blue rug. The design and color are not overwhelming, and the rug would fit beautifully with your neutral decor. The box and the bud vase are charming, too.

  • Amanda

    I love that blue rug! And I agree, the dining room would look great with a pop of color!!

  • sheri

    I love these theme! Maps are one of my favorite things and I love the idea of implementing “global” in every room.

  • Roxanne

    I love that map print over the bed, and I’d vote for the blue patterned rug for the dining room. Congrats on the new house!

  • BonBon

    I love your ideas to refresh your home. Its already very lovely so whatever you do is icing on the cake.

  • Nancy @ Artsy Chicks Rule

    It’s lovely already but I do love the blue rug!!

  • Carolann

    Love the rugs! Everything looks so lovely. I love the blue and white!

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