Random Pinecones DIY


Random Pinecones DIY

Raining Pine-Cones

If you walk outside in my neighborhood over the holidays it feels like its raining pine-cones. There are so many different kinds dropping at random times. The weather has been pretty crazy, from heavy winds to snow. So while I was on my nature walk this was a great time to gathered lots of different ones.



I pretty much use them through-out the year through-out my home. I needed some fresh ones so I gather the ones I picked and decided to lighten them up and create something cute out of them.


Refresh the old ones and lighten the new ones!

I soaked these adorable nature treasures for 24 hours in lemon water. You can use bleach but I did not want them really blond, just a lighter shade of brown. (2 cups of lemon juice to 1 gallon of water)



Rinse them out and lay them on a cookie sheet and put in over at low temperature at 170 degrees. After an hour at low temperature the pine-cones start opening up to all different kinds shapes and sizes. They are so pretty to watch.



I added a few candles to the ones that the tops had opened upĀ  and used as a candle holder! (when you using candles never leave unattended) I also painted the tips gold on some. I think for a future project when I have more time will experiment and paint the tips different colors. Maybe turquoise. Hows does that sound?



Wire Basket/Table/Lantern


  • Mary

    Maria I too find pine cones on my infrequent walks. I love how you added the tealight to the top of the cone. It looks so pretty!

  • Lynn B Spencer

    like you, I have a plethora of pine cones out side so these suggestions will surely come in handy! Hope you are on the mend my friend.

    Hugs, Lynn

  • Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    I love pine cones, but never thought about changing their colors. Thank you for the tips about lemon juice and bleach! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


    • Maria Brittis

      Glad you like them, they are so much fun to make them lighter, it also gives a nice smell to the house when you bake them too.

  • Mary @ The Cofran Home

    Great ideas, Maria! Definitely need to try them! xoxo

  • Emily

    These are all great idea! I decorate with pine cones as well, it gives my home a little bit of rustic appeal. I have never used them to hold small candles, love that idea!

    • Maria Brittis

      Hi Emily, The candle was something that I came up when I saw that putting the pine cones in the oven created crazy shapes some which had holes to hold a candle. Thanks Maria

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