I can’t believe fall is here. Especially due to the overwhelming heat & humidity here in Coastal Carolina. As much as I love the fall, its a bit confusing since it feels like summer… Alas, I’m making the best of what I have to work with decor wise, since everything is pretty much still summery and green.




I am excited to be sharing this post alongside a group of fun bloggers. Together we each creating our own unique jar. So, naturally, I am creating “nature in a jar.”

I can walk out my front door and find an abundance of pine cones and other natural elements that have fallen from our trees.

A few miles away, I can gather shells from the beach. One jar will be transformed into a coastal candle holder and the other jar, a mixture of pine cones, acorns and rustic leaves.

 What You Need:

  • 3 large heritage jars
  • 12 small pine cones
  • 20 acorns
  • dried leaves
  • mini pumpkins(Micheals)
  • dried red berries branched



Jar #1

Fill the bottom of the jar with acorns. Otherwise, if you scatter them among the pine cones and leaves, they’ll get lost in the shuffle and won’t stand out.

Next, add several pine cones, followed by the red berries branches and last, the rustic leaves. I found everything in my backyard except the berry branches. Those I purchased from a local flower shop.


Jar #2 & #3

For Jars 2 & 3, I added pine cones to both jars. One jar was only pine cones, and the other had a mixture of mini pumpkins. I wanted contrast for each shelf in my pantry.



Jar #4

I am lucky to be close to the beach, so I always have an abundance of shells handy. This jar will be perfect size to create a candle holder for my living space.



  • large jar
  • shells
  • candle

Fill the jar half way with a mixture of shells. Dig a little hole to place the candle holder…and




Thank you to the Jar Store for supplying the Heritage Jars! I also want to thanks Patty from Garden Matter for doing a fabulous job in organizing this challenge. Please stop by and visit the other bloggers pretty projects below.


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  • Carole @ Garden Up Green

    Maria this is great and I love the natural elements. For me fall is about texture and normally cooler temperatures but it’s still hot and humid in our area too and can I say I just need a good 5 or 10 degree cold front to sweep through.

    The shells are also wonderful, I love the water so anything coastal just makes me smile. grew up in the pacific northwest and my Dad was a fisherman so picking up seashells and discovering interesting creatures on the beach was always a fun activity. Enjoyed your project and it’s so neat to have you a part of this group. Hope you have a good week.

    • Maria Brittis

      Pacific northwest is absolutely beautiful, Have your been there lately, beautiful part of the country.

  • Susan M.

    Maria, we both seem to love our candles in displays!

    Love the natural elements in your jars. Plus, I’m envious of those rustic shelves you have.! They are beautiful!

  • Patti Estep

    Hi Maria,

    As a nature lover myself I really like all your suggestions for filling the jars. They are great for displaying pretty things and you showed just that. Thanks for joining us and being a pleasure to work with.

    • Maria Brittis

      Glad you love nature too, I love your garden projects they are so beautiful, heading to your blog now.

  • Debbie Ealer

    Very cute ideas

  • BonBon

    Looks so pretty and Fallish….love the look.

    • Maria Brittis

      Thanks Fall is such a great season, so many project to create with items that you can find in your back yard.

  • Jemma

    Very nice and I love the natural choices that you have added to your jars-so pretty!
    Great working with youtoo!

  • John

    Love the simplicity of this and how they look with your decor. BTW very clever using plumbing pipes as the brackets for your reclaimed wood shelves, very industrial!!!

  • Mary-the boondocks blog

    A woman after my own heart. Maria, I too have a whole bunch of jars that are full of beach pebbles. I can’t find many shells but pebbles are plentiful at my beaches. The shells look fantastic in the jars.

  • Karen

    Maria – your jars are lovely and I love how you used differing elements in each jar to create contrast. I love the coastal jar too. We’re not as close to the beach, but less than 2 hours and I so love to go. I just snagged a great idea for my shell collection. 🙂
    It was so fun working with you on this challenge, Maria!

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