How To Make a Plain Storage Closet Pretty: Week 2

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How To Make a Plain Storage Closet Pretty: Week 2

 Storage Closet Pretty! (not easy)

Sometimes its really hard to make a space that is normally just blah into pretty! Especially the storage closet.

If you know what I mean than you realize how frustrating it is. For week two of the 100 Room Challenge I have been searching accessories for the closet that are pretty and simple. After overdosing on pinterest for half a day. I found my remedy.

Botanical prints and glass jars for storing.

It’s not easy sitting for long periods of time.

You body starts mummifying.

Time to talk a walk.

Have you thought to yourself how searching for ideas is a full time job!

Crazy huh!

 Bingo! Mossy Boxes

After 14 hours of searching for the that one thing that is going to make a difference.

I headed for a long walk to clear my brain.

You would think the walk would have done that! but instead what it did was gave me more ideas for the closet. I guess not a bad way to brainstorm for more ways to make that storage space pop.

Thank you nature for giving me more answers.

Moss fabric for the storage unit. I am going to wrap boxes in this fabric, that way you won’t see the ugly medicines bottles and cleaning supplies.


Now that things are falling in place, I am sure I will be spending more time searching and searching. But I think this time I am heading to my favorite craft store to look for ways to hang the Audibon/Botanical prints.

…no thank you to sitting for 14 hours again.

Hopefully I’ll find what I need and I can take a break. Also stop by the other bloggers 100 Room Challenge and see what they are up to. There are some pretty amazing projects! Much bigger than mine. Thanks to Erin from Lemons,Lavendar and Laundry 

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