Drift Wood Adds Charm To  Any Table!

I love driftwood decor. It has that nautical and summer feel! So I thought I share this easy Drift Wood DIY with you. You can add touches of driftwood through out your home and tie it in with almost any color or style in your home…… It goes with everything.  Add any color of flowers to this woodsy vase to an end table or combine  it with a candle and shells… It’s really that easy!


driftwood vase with sea shell

Beach Bathroom

…Add it to any bathroom for a beachy look. 

drift wood vase in bathroom

Explore Beaches!

The real fun is making the vase! Here are the directions: You can find driftwood pieces almost any beach, river or even sometimes  along the shore of a lake.

How To Make Drift Wood Vase

  •  30 Pieces of drift wood of all sizes of  similar thickness.
  • Bostitch Heavy Duty Staple Gun.
  • A glass vase about  7 to 8 inches.

photo (10)

 Step 1:

Place the selected drift wood pieces on a flat wooden surface that you can staple on. Position the staple gun right on top of two pieces of wood and press the lever to the staple gun until the two pieces are stapled together. Repeat the process until all 30 pieces are stapled. The stapled pieces should lay flat once you are done.


bostitch staple gun for driftwood vase DIY

Step 2:

Take the flat pieces and wrap around vase to see if the stapled pieces of wood around the glass vase to see if it wraps all the way around if it does not add more wood. One it is wrapped perfectly around staple the first and last wood. Make sure you don’t staple to tight.  You will need someone to hold it while you staple this last part.

drift wood vase diy


Just make sure you don’t staple you pet’s tail like I almost did. My cat Skylar loves to watch many of my DIY projects. He  jumped on my kitchen table right when I was using the Staple gun!  Crazy Cat 🙂

This project is very similar to The Drift wood Candle Holder.