CURB APPEAL CHALLENGE: Butterflies and more

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curb appeal adding plants

 Welcome to week two of the Curb Appeal Challenge!

Gardening is so important to me.

I always remind my husband how color in the garden can do wonders to brightening up the exterior of the house. So he did some research and found that deers don’t like butterfly plants, so we went with those!

But, as much I love nature and all its critters, If I see a deer eating my plants! I sometimes look the other way because I know he or she is hungry…

then I walk outside it leaves.

curb appeal more adding plants

 Here is what the circular garden area looked like before we planted the grasses and flowers. Once everything was planted! We turned on the sprinkler system and left it on for a good 10 minutes.

They don’t require that much water though-out the summer season.

curb appeal butterfly plants

Yes, my husband and son did all the work planting. I was originally was going to help out, but since my son was home he took my place. He is much faster than me. Plus, any excuse to sit back and relax, I’ll take!

curb appeal planting the grasses

Now that everything is planted. Butterflies started coming around. It was amazing! Everything look greener but in a few weeks the butterfly plants will be bigger and fuller. The color will be much more noticeable.

curb appeal all planted


(in a circular design, making sure its planted deep)

Butterfly Plants

(planted on the exterior of the circle)


curb appeal plants 2

curb appeal butterfly 3

curb appeal butterfly plants

Curb appeal butterfly on a lavender meadow

So whats next? The garden stool arrived, so I am working on arranging them in strategic locations. I’m also looking at different rugs in the Baltic blues, similar to the mood board. I’m trying to figure out if I want to stencil or make the pillows from scratch. Like I said, so much to do! Can’t wait to see what other bloggers are doing next week for their projects. Don’t forget to visit all the other gals projects.

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Thanks to sponsors: Lamps Plus for the beautiful Tiffany lamp, Vermont Nature Creations for the pretty hanging water garden.



hanging water garden


  • Emil, Our house now a home

    I love the plants you picked! This week for me was also about the flowers, you had so many helpers I am envious!!!

  • Heather

    The plants you picked are perfect!

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  • Lauren

    Love how your garden area looks! So pretty! I just did some planting, too!

    • Maria Brittis

      Lauren, its seems we all are doing many garden plantings!Next week will be the patio.
      Look forward in checking your out!

  • Deb

    Looks great! I love how you have this little section of gardening in the front of your home.

    • Maria Brittis

      Thanks Debbie, its was really great to do this with my family! Looking forward to checking everyone elses project.

  • Jenny Kavanagh

    This is going to be so pretty. I love the plants you picked. I hope you get lots of butterflies! I look forward to see how your porch comes along. Have a great week,

    • Maria Brittis

      Jenny, Thanks for stopping by! the butterflies were everywhere today! each day there is more and more of them, its so pretty!

  • Holly Thomas

    Thank you for the great plant ideas.

  • Wendi@H2OBungalow

    Great choice! I understand how much of a difference plants can make and how far they go for adding curb appeal. Yours will be spectacular when grown.

    • Maria Brittis

      Wendi, I am thrilled you stopped by! Gardening is up my alley, but what I want to learn in a big way is to learn the power saw, what should I get for a beginner. Thanks Maria

  • kim

    Great plant selection! I love butterfly bushes – I just actually planted one today! We run into the same issue with the heat. We have hot afternoon sun in our front yard and deep shade In the back. Ironically, there are plants everywhere. just maybe not those that I’d like! I look forward to seeing what this looks like in a few weeks when everything starts to fill in!

    • Maria Brittis

      Thanks Kim! For some reason the only plants that do well are the grasses and these butterfly plants! I wish I could plant something more colorful, but it does not well.

  • Tara @ Lehman lane

    We had butterfly plants in our last home and it’s amazing how just planting them brings tons of butterflies! Your driveway circle is going to look so pretty! How nice of your husband and son to help out with the planting too :). Have a wonderful weekend and take care, Tara

  • David Smith

    My wife would love the purple plants that you have planted. Once we finally get a house of our own, we are going to decorate the yard with nice flowers and other plants.

  • Jemma

    Good Morning Maria!
    Oh my, what beauty you are creating in your garden! I just had to pin some of these beautiful photos:)
    Visiting from Love Of Home!
    Happy Sunday,

  • Erlene A

    Amazing how much a little bit of greenery can spruce up the look of plain area. Love the look you’re creating andI’m sure it will look so beautiful when the plants fill in. Thanks for sharing this on Merry Monday.

  • Jennifer

    Love the outdoor posts you do! Funny, I recently planted similar plants and noticed immediately the apperance of butterflies! Look forward to seeing your next posts and incorporating your sponsored products!

  • Melinda Mitchell

    What a beautiful circle garden!! Love the purple plants.
    Yay for non-deer attracting!
    Inspire Me Monday

    • Maria Brittis

      Exactly, But sometimes they will eat them because they are hungry, I feel bad for them.
      Thanks For stopping by.

  • Sara Syrett

    Looks so great! Love the butterfly plant! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

    • Maria Brittis

      Thanks Sara, the butterflies are coming in droves since I planted the butterfly plants, its nice to see them.

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  • Merit

    The critters will love that! Thanks for sharing your post over at the #HomeMattersParty

    • Maria Brittis

      Yes there are so many butterflies today, I counted over 20 flying over the flowers. its amazing they are attracted to the flowers.

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