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 The house is coming along slowly but surely. I am really excited to share this process of building my home with you all. Its been raining lots this summer and it has delayed some of the framing, but finally its all done.  During this process my husband and I have been going through each room making any changes in sizes of closets or little things like the positioning of the vanities tubs and toilets. This is the time where you make the changes at  no added cost. But once the framing is done you really can’t make any changes unless you pay extra. It’s really amazing to see how the plumbing and electric is all pulled together.

garage framing

The framing process feels somewhat real and you can start actually visualizing where everything is going to go. Even though I don’t own a golf cart its a great little room to have for storage. I’m going to use it for my bikes. There is going to be a room above the garage that will be unfinished. We have the option to finish it, but because of our budget we won’t. Possibly at a later date.

Kitchen framing

Excited about the open concept plan where you can see the living room, dining room and kitchen all in one area.

chandelier indining room

My favorite place is the master bedroom, my sanctuary where I escape to relax.

master bedroom

Here is the back view of my home. I’m really excited about the view! It’s a big screen porch with lots of view of the nature and there is a horse farm right behind me.

back porch

Next stage is picking out the color of the concrete flooring. Once that is picked out they will clean the floor and stain it. Cover it all up to protect it from damage. Its done early so that the stain won’t interfere with the sheet rock and painted walls.

I’ll be back with more updates and let me know whats your favorite part of this house build.

“Walk With Nature”


  • Leslie

    I love your house! I also like where your putting everything. It’s coming along great! I hope your having a great week.

    • Maria Brittis

      Thanks for stopping by, the house is a challenge and I am having fun doing it! Hope you have a great weekend. and talk to you soon

  • Anna

    Nice to see how it’s comming along. Looks fantastic

  • Heather {Woods of Bell Trees}

    This is looking great! Love it!

    • Maria Brittis

      Yes the house is coming along! I’m going to feature every few weeks different parts of the house build! Its tough to do it all, but we can huh!

  • Shay

    How exciting! Looks like things are really coming along. I can’t wait to see how it progresses.

    • Maria Brittis

      Hey Shay, thanks so much for stopping by! You made my day!:) Its been crazy trying to do it all, work my first job, then blog and build! Yikes lol


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